materiały byzantine Splendor

Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis

We print wallpapers on professional PVC-based materials with a perfectly white non-woven base.

The wallpapers are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene. They are marked with the Bio-Pruf sign ensuring safe use of materials in the premises of health care facilities. Bio-Pruf inhibits the growth of microorganisms, prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold.

The appropriate thickness of the wallpaper allows you to mask most of the visible unevenness on the wall. It has properties supporting the application and assembly.


  • Weight 350g / m2
  • Thickness approx. 470 mic
  • Approvals: PZH, Bio-Pruf, fire resistance class B1
  • Washable (with a damp cloth, sponge, possibly with a mild detergent)
  • Contact application

When placing an order, you can choose a texture that, by gently refracting the light, will make the surface of the wallpaper take on a new dimension..

Available Textures:

materiał sand Byzantine Splendor


Fine sand texture suitable for all patterns.

materiał plaster Byzantine Splendor


The texture is full of scratches and cracks. Perfect for highlighting surfaces that have been tarnished by time. It introduces an interesting irregularity. It looks great on patterns with abrasions, plaster, rocky surfaces.

materiał canvas Byzantine Splendor


A texture that resembles a plain weave. Perfect for patterns with painting elements, for soft floral wallpapers and works of great masters.

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