Submit an order
Through the website of the store, the customer places an order for a selected wallpaper. After the payment is made, we send an e-mail confirmation of the order to the e-mail address provided.
Przesłanie propozycji kadru
Sending a preview of the wallpaper
Within two business days of receiving the payment, we send to the customer's e-mail address prepared proposals of frames, adjusted to the width of the ordered wallpaper.
Akceptacja wybranego kadru
Acceptance of the selected visualisation
After receiving the proposal from us, the client selects one visualisation and sends feedback to the e-mail address provided by us.
Produkcja i wysyłka
Production and shipping
After receiving information about the approved frame, we confirm by e-mail that we will start the production of the wallpaper and shipment. Production takes up to 14 business days from the Customer's approval of the frame. The customer is informed about the shipment of the order in a separate e-mail.
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